Triple mix for garden beds $300 / 5 ton Delivered.
Screened topsoil $250 / 5 ton Delivered.
Screened Sand – $220 / 5 ton Delivered.
Electrical Trench Inspected Sand – $320/ 5 ton Delivered.
Screened Compost fish/cow Compost) $450 / 5 ton Delivered.
Additional Lime/ Fertilizer 5-gallon bucket mix $35
#1 Premium Grass Seed = $300 /4 ft tall Big Bag (Kentucky blue )
5 tons of Clearstone/ClassA or B Gravel = $250 per load delivered 5-ton
Crusher Dust = $320 / 5 ton Delivered.
Peastone crushed or playground quality = $330 / 5 ton Delivered.
Armor stone / Wall rock / Patio Stone etc let us know.

Round Trip Heavy Equipment Delivery = $250 Local
Excavator 6 ton = $130 / Hr
3ton excavator = $110/hr
Excavator Transport = $250 for the round trip
Dump Truck $130/hr
Dump loads $180 + dump fee pending material
Skid Steer $130/hr
4wheeler + Drag unit +roller = $70/hr + Round Trip Delivery = $250 Local
Compactor = $150 /day
Surveying gear / Laser Level = $150 /day on site

Helical piles

2-7⁄8” and 10 ft long = $340 each and the 3.5” diameter piles and 10 ft long are $440 each installed.
15 ft long 3.5 inch diameter piles = $500 ea
12 “ Auger for digging also available @ $200 / hr on the Excavator
Grass Sod depending on the size of the job is $5 – $6.50 / Sq ft installed properly. ( watering not included ) scroll down hit “specifications” for more details.

let me know the product and I can provide you with a delivered price from my list.

Estimates – *Final Hourly cost +tax.
Quotes – 50% deposit to lock in price / get on the schedule.
Quotes over $10k = 25% at the halfway mark , 25% upon completion.
Registered with Workers compensation and 5 Million Insurance Coverage for Larger / Gov’t Jobs

What to expect when you hire AKL – Our Process

We start each project with a face to face meeting. This first meeting will cover the intention behind the space. We’ll create a vision to work toward. This includes rough measurements and overall budgetting. Next comes design which includes topographic surveys, dimension planning, materials list and 2D/3D images of the project. At this point we will issue a quote with scope of work permits, ground locate requests and present you with a contract to sign. If you agree to go ahead, a 50 percent deposit is required to purchase materials. This will allow us secure the agreed upon price. We can then schedule a start date.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How much do your projects typically cost?

A: -Small jobs can range from $3k – $10k+ for gardens ,walls, steps, bench , Inlays.

Complete projects could start around $30k but most of our projects are in the $60k -$100k range.

We specialize in full outdoor living spaces from the deck, patio, landscaping, Hardscaping, fire pits, seating, pergola, lighting, helical pile foundations. As a design/ build focused company, we try to offer the complete package.

Q: How much does a 3D design cost?

A: The project starts with a design, which costs $2500 – $5000 pending on the size and complexity. The design fee is deducted from the cost of the project if you decide to hire us.

This design allows us to provide a more accurate price , and to provide the best service possible. This Service includes a 2D concept plan, 3D Images, Dimension Plan , Topographic Survey and Material Quantity List, we will visit the site and work online with the owner to create your Perfect Outdoor Living Space!

Q: Why should I hire you over someone else

A: We are extremely passionate about what we do and it shows in the final product! We pride ourselves on our unique designs, our craftsmanship, and the excellent experience we give our clients.

Q: I want to hire you, now what?!

A: Go over to our contact page to fill out the contact form!

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