Carpentry Work

Indoor / Outdoor (New construction and Renovations)

AKL is proud to handle much more than landscaping these days. We currently have two Full time Carpenters on our team Richard Pottie and Devin Shaw.

– This year we have been Building Playground Equipment, Composite and PT Decks, Cedar Shingles, Windows, Doors, Flooring ,Railings, Steps, Trim, foundations for example.

Richard has been doing Carpentry work in the Cheticamp / Margaree area for 40 Years . and has a wide Portfolio from building / designing more affordable houses , Decks, Siding , Concrete just to name a few, It takes a certain type of experience to say you know how to build for the weather in Cheticamp, and he knows exactly how to prepare for 220+KM/hr Suete~Winds!

Devin Has Been Working in a wide variety of carpentry work over the last 12 years , everything from designing 3D models and permit blueprints on SketchupPRO, to installing Custom inlays , Building Custom Glass Greenhouses , Houses, Decks , Siding, Soffit , Facia,
Flooring, Shelving, Trim, Concrete, Cedar Shingles, Windows, Doors. Our crew, and all of our customers enjoy working with Rick and Devin, and often ask for them by name to be on their projects. With a great reputation around the island , we will help find the best solution and material for your projects. Call Today. 902 802 4563.

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